Linda Mitchell uses bold, vibrant, and dynamic
color. Her art is set apart from others because of
the way she displays sparkling lights and rich
darks.  Her approach to color is illuminative with
emphasis on showing the effects of light and
shade.  One of the most remarkable aspects of
her work is that she equally enjoys painting with
watercolors or oil.  Although the methods are quite
different, she likes the challenge and the various
results that are available with each medium. Linda
received her degree and a secondary teaching
credential from San Jose State University.  She
has continued her education with many private art
teachers, college classes, and workshops taught
by nationally known artists such as Susan
Sarback of the School of Light and Color, George
Allan of Maui, and Cheng-Khee Chee and Don
Andrews.  Linda combines interests in art,
education, and travel through classes she teaches
in watercolor and travel sketching and journaling.  
She teaches in her California Studio, at Hakone
gardens in Saratoga, and for the Yosemite
National Park's art program.
Art Work
Galleries currently
displaying Linda's art