Linda's Art Classes
Palette Knife Painting
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Keeping a Sketchbook Journal
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Plein Air Painting
July 2008 Yosemite
Water color classes

Free Free Free!

Come to the art center in the Valley Floor at 9:00 a.m (class goes
until approx 1:00)

Give yourself a summer break, and enjoy this opportunity to observe and record your
surroundings.  Make it a time to improve your skills in sketching and painting.  This three
day workshop will include instruction, sketching, and painting on location, with a critique
at the end of each day.

Linda Mitchell is an energetic and encouraging teacher with a wonderful sense of fun that
makes learning a pleasure.  Linda teaches in her studio, the Villages in San Jose, Hakone
Gardens and Yosemite National Park.  Because of her ability to translate her knowledge
she is a popular teacher and speaker at art clubs.

We will meet at Diana Leone's country estate near Calero Dam where the flourishing
gardens and far reaching vistas will inspire us to fill those blank sketchbook pages.

Typically Linda covers these topics in her teaching:
  Quick sketches that capture the essence of the scene.
  A two step process that leads to success.
  Art materials to pack, whether you are going to your backyard or around the world.
  Plein air painting with no fear.
  Improving your visual memory.
  Thinking through painting ideas while sketching
  Simplifying shapes and values and sharpening your color sense.

Come and join us for an inspiring and satisfying weekend.